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Support Palestine

Support Palestine

Respected Muslim Brothers,
Palestine and masjid Aqsa has been in Israel control for over 70 years and killing children, women and mens and All Muslims sit back and enjoy luxury life and all muslims become puppet of USA/UK. It is our duty to regain back our Masjid Aqsa and whole Palestine free from Israeli occupation in peacefully with the support from the world Leaders and force Israeli Zionist to end their occupation immediately and Israeli can live as a citizen of Palestine peacefully. We Muslims must also visit masjid Aqsa constant same as we go for umrah to makka and madina.
Israeli openly declared that they are controlling USA and UK and we follow them?.
We are very fortunate to have a freedom to practice our Islam, build big masjids and go to hajj/Umrah anytime but think for all those suffering Muslims peoples in the world who do not have freedom, no foods and clothes, no shelters and no supports. Allah said clearly in Holly Quran that pain in one part of body and we should feel pain in whole body but instead, we are enjoying luxury life and spending huge money in unnecessary, spending millions of pound building big masjids and spend thousands of pound in decoration in masjid.
Allah will ask us on the Day of Judgment that we spend huge money on everything but what have we help our Muslims peoples in the world?. We see lots of modern 5 star hotels and shopping centre built much taller than Kaba in makka and that is insult to kaba.
Brothers stop wasting money and use that same money to help Muslims peoples in the world, build masjid where it is necessary required, help educates all our young generation to become professional doctors, engineer, teacher, professor and Hafez. We need large number of Muslims schools and hospitals in the world.
In the name of humanities, Peoples of the World unite together and stop all Evil Leaders, Prime Minister, President, Politician, King, Queen, Bogus Priest, Bogus Holy Preachers, Police, and Army etc in peacefully and not by terrorist or suicide bomber. Love all humanities regardless nationality and religion. If we show love to all man kinds then the time will come that automatically all non Muslim will accept Islam freely. Brother Arabs please stop dancing to USA/UK tunes.
Please take your some valuable of your time and look all videos links below and pass onto all humanties.

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