Perform your Qurbaani with Masjidul Quds

This year, Masjidul Quds is once again proud to offer a Qurbani service that ensures your sacrifice is carried out with the utmost care and in accordance with Islamic principles. By participating in our Qurbani service, you not only fulfill a vital religious duty but also extend a helping hand to those in need.

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Benefits of performing your Qurbani with Masjidul Quds:

– Performed by qualified Shaykh
– Animals are allowed to roam & graze the pastures of the farm
– Proper facilities are provided to ensure the highest standards of hygiene
– Carcasses are cleaned, cut, packed & kept in a cold room

Donate 1/3 Charity Portion to our Soup Kitchen to help feed more than 1000 people weekly.

In conjunction with Moerat-Gani livestock.