Masjidul Quds Covid-19 Level 3 Announcement – 30 May 2020

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COVID-19 Update
30 May 2020 -22:00

In the name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful

As’salaamu Alaikum

All praise and thanks to Almighty Allah (SWT) and blessings on our noble Prophet Muhammed SAW.

The Imaamet, Board of Trust and Executive Committee of Masjidul-Quds have consulted and
carefully deliberated the lifting of restrictions on masajids to allow fifty congregants at one
time, as allowed by the Presidential announcement earlier this week.

We have consulted and taken guidance from medical professionals regarding the current level
of cases prevalent in the immediate and surrounding areas. We have also consulted with an
occupational health practitioner with regards to a Masjid risk assessment.

After careful deliberation and all the factors at our disposal at this time, we have taken the difficult but necessary decision to NOT open the Masjid to the public at this stage. We will inshallah restore the five daily waqts in terms of an internal arrangement, comprising of an Imam and muathin only. This will also apply to the weekly Jumaa, which we are planning to broadcast live.

We are working on a formal alert level methodology that will assist us to assess and communicate to the community future scenario changes and this will be communicated in following announcements. On behalf of all the structures of the institute, we would like to wish you and your loved ones safety and best of health in the months ahead. May Allah (SWT) accept your ibadah at home and the sacrifices you have made since lockdown, Insha-Allah.

Jazak’Allah Ghair
Masjidul-Quds Institute Imaams, Trustees and Executive Committee

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